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Interior design has been largely influenced by the Art Deco style in the form of ornate and extravagant detail, bold geometric forms and rich colours, with a general lavish and opulent approach. In accordance with the industrial revolution, Art Deco designs were very symmetrical, linear and lent towards a mass technological process, yet still upholding a luxurious, exuberant and opulent feel..

Mirrors are a popular form of imagery in art deco interior design. Often affordable additions to home décor, mirrors help spaces appear brighter and larger without much effort. Use layered mirrors or mirrors that incorporate other art deco designs, such as sunbursts and fans, or ones cut into geometric or angular shapes..

The design style that hold its roots in the 20’s of the last century- Art-Deco is still a big influence in the modern interior design. The Art-Deco style is a specific eclectic blend of prominent colors such as gold and silver with combinations of soft muted colors: beige, cream, off white..

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Hot Trends For Adding Art Deco Into Your Interiors

Art Deco is a type of interior design that was popularized around the 1920s. This decade, often referred to as the Roaring ’20s, was one of wealth and opulence. As such, the designs of the era took on a style of opulence and grandeur. It focused on using higher-end building materials, bold colors, and decorative geometric patternings in wall coverings, mantles, doorways, etc. These are the characteristics that give homes with Art Deco interior design a truly luxurious finish..

Art Deco Interiors And Design Tetra Shop

Art Deco Interior Design by no means go out of models. Art Deco Interior Design is usually adorned in a few methods each piec Art Deco rejected many traditional classical influences in favour of more streamlined geometric forms and metallic color. The Art Deco style. Luxury Art Deco Furniture furniture redo step by step.Two Tone Distressed Furniture..

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